Welcome to Bradford Woods

Bradford Woods Borough incorporated in 1915, followed by a Home Rule Community government established in 1974. A Home Rule Community is governed by 7 elected council members and an elected Mayor with a Manager performing the day to day operation of the Borough.

As you drive through the Borough you will be captivated by the fact that no 2 homes are alike. This Community began as a summer get-away and has developed into a beautiful Borough that over flows with history. Many of the homes, along with their unique personality, have their own history. Bradford Woods, over the years, passed through a process of legislative changes common to many American communities.

The Growth of Bradford Woods

While only a few simple laws were necessary at the time of the establishment of the Borough, subsequent growth of the community, together with the complexity of modern life, has created the need for new and more detailed legislation for the proper function and government of the Borough. From the very first ordinances of no unruly behavior and not wearing bathing suits on the main street to the very modern addressing of Storm Water Runoff you will find in this Borough an orderly collection of legislation that has enhanced the protection of all land owners.

We are fortunate to have our own local elementary school along with a beautiful natural Reserve and lake. Bradford Woods portrays the expression, "the best gifts come in small packages."