Because of changes in the market, there are changes in recycling. Waste Management is the Borough's current contracted waste and recycle hauler. Currently there are no contract changes to recycling, but if you want to ensure items you place in your recycling bin will actually be recycled, it's important to make some changes.

  • Items NOT ACCEPTED IN MARKET: Plastics #3-7 and glass.
  • Items STILL ACCEPTED IN MARKET: Plastics #1 & 2 (larger than 2"x2" and smaller than a 2 gallon bucket); aluminum, steel/tin or bi-metal cans, paper that can tear and is greater than a 1/2 sheet of 8.5"x11" sheet of paper; and cardboard.
Fore more information as to why this is happening, please click the link below to view information created by Republic Services (note: this is not our hauler, but all haulers are affected by the market.

The recyclable container is the property of Waste Management and must remain with the home. Recyclables shall include:
  • metal food cans
  • aerosol cans (empty)
  • aluminum foil and foil products (clean)
  • beer and soft drink cans
  • plastic bib wipe containers
  • bleach detergent
  • household cleaner bottles
  • yogurt cups
  • cottage cheese
  • margarine tubs
  • shampoo bottles
  • glass beverage bottles
  • food jars (clear, brown, amber and green)
  • paperboard boxes (cereal, tissue, shoes, etc.)
  • white office paper
  • computer paper
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • advertising inserts
  • paper bags
  • shopping bags (handles removed)
  • Cardboard (must be cut to fit inside of recycling container)

Recyclables shall be picked up at curbside in the provided containers ‘wheeled cart’ (with lid), except that newspapers and magazines shall be securely bundled and tied with string or twine and placed in a brown paper bag inside the recycling cart.