Yearly Budget

2018 Balanced Budget

Real Estate Tax 322,500
Deed Transfer Tax 30,000
Earned income Tax 310,000
Regional Asset Funds 15,000
Fines/Permits/Inspections 5,500
Interest Earnings
State Allocations
Grants 66,000
Liquid Fuels Allocations 50,801
Miscellaneous 54,856
Miscellaneous 750
Total 817,095
Administration 156,750
Library 24,409
Building/Phone and Fax 19,004
Public Safety
Roads 336,374
Insurance 2,200
Park/Recreation 4,275
Planning/P.R. 3,500
Other Expenses 28,983
Commissions/Tax Collections 4,500
Total 817,095
Financial Information

Bradford Woods Borough conducts a monthly review on their revenue and expenses to keep on track with the budget. The monthly reports serve to conduct a yearly trend analysis for the Borough. The Borough Manager is also the Treasurer and conducts the reports for Council as well as produces the yearly balanced budget. The Borough routinely evaluates ability to ensure that revenue is sufficient to maintain public infrastructure, i.e., road, water, sewer, stormwater (an asset management based budget system).