Yearly Budget

2021 Budget Breakdown 

Real Estate $  471,460
Deed Transfer $    38,000
Income Tax $  304,000
Sales Tax $    16,000
Permits/Fees $      6,000
Liquid Fuels $    46,384
Other $    24,009


Administration $  158,590
Tax Collection $      3,000
Building $    20,204
Library $    25,960
Public Safety $  258,009
Roads $  375,740
Insurance $    27,500
Capital Improvement $    57,275
Other $      8,025


Click here to view the approved 2021 Budget

Bradford Woods Borough Council unanimously voted to approve the 2021 budget on December 14, 2020 during the public meeting. The budget is approximately $3,000 less than the 2020 budget. Due to the pandemic, the Borough has experienced small budget shortfalls in collected earned income tax and real estate tax for 2020 but will maintain the same millage rate for 2021 and anticipates spending the same amount on road maintenance, which is our largest expenditure.

Click here to view the approved 2020 Budget
In 2020, Bradford Woods Borough is proposing to increase the tax rate to 3.375 mills to cover an increase in road construction costs and other expenses such as legal costs and police protection. The Borough is also planning on purchasing a truck in 2020 to replace the current truck. The Borough last raised the tax rate in 2015, also due to increased road construction costs. However, new federal and state stormwater management regulations in 2016 forced the Borough to reallocate road construction budget dollars to offset the cost of the required pollution reduction plan. The average home in Bradford Woods Borough is valued at $241,350 per the Allegheny County Assessment Office, which means the rate change would be a tax increase of $215 for the average household.
With the new tax rate, the Borough is 3rd lowest of 82 Boroughs and 26th lowest of 132 municipalities in Allegheny County.

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Financial Information

Bradford Woods Borough conducts a monthly review on their revenue and expenses to keep on track with the budget. The monthly reports serve to conduct a yearly trend analysis for the Borough. The Borough Manager is also the Treasurer and conducts the reports for Council as well as produces the yearly balanced budget. The Borough routinely evaluates ability to ensure that revenue is sufficient to maintain public infrastructure, i.e., road, water, sewer, stormwater (an asset management based budget system).